Lanashire County Council

How to use this web site

‘Look Out! Tobacco’ is a website for children of 7 – 11 years old, their parents/ carers and teachers. Children will find lots of information about tobacco as they explore this resource, looking for clues to answer questions which will help them to discover and photograph small, friendly aliens.

How do we start looking for information and clues?
Click on any highlighted area in the town to start exploring. In each area there are several “hotspot” areas which will bring up facts and information. Click on the ‘more info’ button and use the side bar to scroll through for further information.
At the end of each hotspot you will find a question. All questions have a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. For each correct answer the user will start to unlock one of the aliens. There are several locks to unlock before you can go to the Alien Observatory and take a photograph of your alien.
Take care though…… aliens are not easy to catch and focus and do not understand that they need to keep still! Points are awarded for getting the picture in the centre of the frame and in focus.

Who can help?
Apart from asking your friend, parent, carer or teacher both BOB and Star are characters on the site who will help to guide you as you look for information. There’s also Sonny who will help you to photograph your alien.

Where can we explore?
Choose to visit any of the following places in town and check the “hotspots.

The Library
Computer - who can you talk to?
History books - facts about tobacco and e-cigarettes
Magazine - problem page letters
Law books - the law and tobacco
Health books - risks of smoking

Health Centre

Pregnant mum - smoking and pregnancy
Leaflet - long term effects of smoking
Noticeboard - what is addiction?
Poster - what's in a cigarette?
Doctor – stop smoking aids and information on e-cigarettes

The Cornershop
Till – buying single cigarettes
Cashier - selling tobacco – the law
Legal notice - laws around tobacco and e-cigarette sales
Poster – health warnings
Cigarette Packets- Illegal tobacco
Game – How much does it cost?
E-cigarette – what are they?

The School
Notice board - where to find help.
Playing fields - the impact of tobacco on sport.
Caretaker- tobacco and environment issues.
School locker - school rules about tobacco and e-cigarettes
Friends - peer pressure.
Computer – young people’s tobacco and e-cigarette use
Sports hall - health and sport.

The Community Centre
Computer - reasons not to smoke.
Assistant - long term effects of tobacco.
Magazine – local help and support.
No smoking sign – the smokefree ban.
Notice board - advertising.
Leaflets – why do some young people smoke?
Vending machine – the laws.

Cosmos Lane
Computer - wallpapers to download
Mum / dad - secondhand smoke
Younger / older / brother or sister – confidence, how to stop
TV - the media
Radio - campaigns
Smoke Alarm – fire risk
Remote control car - laws around smoking in cars carrying children and young people under 18 years