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Information for teachers

While some children find they can talk to their parents easily, others prefer to ask questions of their teachers. Talking through problems and researching information together as part of a group can help to develop confidence and reassure children that they are not alone as they share feelings and experiences.

Some children may need more sensitive support and advice. These children respond well to the support of a responsible adult who they feel comfortable with and feel they can speak to in confidence. Teachers in Primary schools spend a lot of time with their class and have the opportunity to get to know them extremely well and so are able to build up good relationships.
Navigating through the site will allow the child or teacher to choose different topics to either discuss as a group or a class or as a general fact finding exercise.
There are lesson plans to go with the site which will develop and extend the topics more fully.

Click here to download lesson plans.

Downloadable Homework Activity Sheets

Click on the links below to download the Activity Sheets (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to open files)