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Lookout is a website for children aged 7 – 11 years old, their parents / carers and teachers. By playing Lookout they will develop smoking and alcohol awareness and discover lots of interesting information and facts about alcohol and tobacco. As they explore this resource, they will look for clues to answer questions which will help them to discover and photograph small, friendly aliens.

Lookout aims to help children find out about the effects of alcohol and tobacco through fun and exciting activities. The site has been developed to help teachers educate children about alcohol and tobacco as well as give parents the opportunity to talk to their children about these topics. It’s never too early to talk to children about alcohol and tobacco use and raising smoking and alcohol awareness. This resource will make it easier for children to understand the risks and effects as they get older.

Mentor UK Evaluation

Lookout was entered into the Mentor UK Champ Awards which promote children's health through alcohol misuse prevention. Mentor UK conducted an extensive evaluation, some of the following comments are from that evaluation.

"I think it has changed my pupils' judgement and their understanding of illness and alcohol."- Teacher from a Lancashire school.

"Good as a game because it makes you want to learn more about alcohol."- Pupil.

"I'll play it again when I get home tonight."- Pupil.

"It has definitely improved their knowledge."- Teacher.

"It has consolidated their understanding of why they shouldn't drink now. "- Teacher.

To view and download the full report from Mentor UK, click here.

Mentor UK CHAMP awards